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Top 3 Impressive Features of Upcoming Xperia Z3

Posted By AmitKumar on Technology - Rumors say that Sony Xperia Z3 release date has been confirmed and its specifications and features are ready to beat the iPhone 6 features. According to the sources the Xperia Z3 release date is on August 2014 and this upcoming smartphone of Sony Xperia Z series will amaze us surely.

We can't believe 100% on the Xperia Z3 rumors, but one thing is confirmed that these 3 speculated features........

Are These the Top Five Best Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000?

Posted By bryan2112 on Mobile - Welcome to our another installment of top five best smartphones in India series. This list is about smartphones under 20000 rupees in India. I’ll be glad if this list could help you buy your next smartphone under 20000 rupees.

How to Add Alt Tag to Images in Blogger

Posted By zohaib-liaqat on Blogging - We all know that its important to include at least one image to a blogger post and a great percentage of our blog traffic depends on our images. Adding images, optimizing them in a correct way and making them searchable to search engines is a great challenge. But don't worry blogger all of its features, also provides an option to optimize them easily using Alt Tags.
What is Alt Tag/Image Alt?
An Alt tag is actually a HTML attribute which defines an image. Without an Alt tag search engines have no idea about your image or what that image is. Without an Alt tag your image will not be visible

How to Add CSS Borders in Blogger - Complete Guide

Posted By zohaib-liaqat on Blogging - Today, in this article we are going to discuss about CSS Borders. When it comes to our blog design, we use different techniques and methods to make our blog more beautiful. We use CSS transitions, backgrounds, shadows etc. There are hundreds of techniques that you can use to make your blog more beautiful and one of them is border. Simply, we can say that a border is separating line between two elements/sections. You can use borders for your navigation menus, headings, sidebar headings or whatever you want. If you don't know that How to Add CSS Borders in Blogger, so today in this article we'l